Welcome to Mae-Saye Designs! We are a handmade Sydney based online craft store specialising in items to decorate the home, classroom or wedding. 

Many of our items are one off pieces so unfortunately once they have sold they can not be replicated.  

Washi Pegs - Our Washi Pegs are a functional and eye catching accessories designed to help display prints, paperwork and photographs. Due to the nature of the prints on each peg placement of the images may vary slightly than photographed.  

Origami Mobiles and Garlands -  All of our Origami products are self folded and pieced together. We try our best to create neat and unique pieces that can be used to decorate a variety of environments.

Wall Hangings - We create a range of wall hangings that are sure to brighten up the bedroom, nursery and home.

Remember to tag and share any photos of our products in use. We would love to see them on display :)