• Image of Dodgy/Sale Boxes 6-10
  • Image of Dodgy/Sale Boxes 6-10
  • Image of Dodgy/Sale Boxes 6-10

Dodgy/Sales Boxes!

These boxes are full of assorted items from our store that are unable to be sold at full price for various reasons.
Some are slightly damaged, dinged, oddly shaped or have old buttons that are no longer used. Other items included may not be damaged, but are placed in for quick sale as they are ready made.

Each box is roughly half the price of what they would usually be if not damaged.

Box contents are not interchangeable.
Additional flowers or pinwheels from our site can be added to your dodgy box order.

If you cannot find the Box option below, that means it has sold out.

Paper Flowers are one sided only. On the back you will see their finishings.

Pinwheels are stationary and do not spin.

Please note that all of our items are handmade with love. Being handmade each item is unique and may at times have slight imperfections, varying pattern placement and makes.
All items are for decoration only and are not safe to be played with by children.

Please do not place items above or near children’s sleeping areas or within reach.